We perform temper of small parts in carbon steel on horizontal-axis rotary systems and linear systems fed by shock. The two cooling fluids we use in our plants are oil and a solution of water and polymer. Generally, the processing times are less than a week and our laboratory is able to certify the hardness and the structures obtained.

We perform annealing in shaft kilns ventilated in natural atmosphere up to 550 ° C for “softening” of brass, copper, bronze and aluminum.

During certain electrogalvanic operations hydrogen creeps into pieces in treatment. In thin and hard pieces as the springs, this causes a significant weakness that often leads stressed component to failure, sometimes even after several months from the execution of the treatment. To avoid this high fragility, an heat treatment is performed at about 190 ° C for an appropriate time in order to remove hydrogen penetrated into the springs.

It is necessary to give the metal parts a typical bluish color of the tempered steel strips. It lies in bringing to about 280° C, the metallic parts and let them stay in an appropriate time. It is important to the presence of oxygen contained in the air. It is important that the surfaces of the parts to be blue-stained are clean and shiny.