We produce elastic pins in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 28752, ISO 8752, UNI 6873 and DIN 1481 either in standard and special dimensions. Our internal production of standard pins include plugs with a nominal diameter 14.0, up to plugs with a nominal diameter 32.0. Thanks to a trade agreement with a German manufacturer we can offer our customers even standard plugs with a diameter between 1.0 and 12.0 mm.  The internal range of special plugs includes plugs with a nominal diameter from 10.0 mm up to 90 and beyond, with the constraint, however, the maximum thickness of 6.0 mm. In our warehouse you will find a wide availability of standard and special elastic pins.

Our technical office allows the customer to study special pins that meet their needs. Our laboratory is able to detect and validate the dimensional characteristics, the hardness and the metallographic structures of the materials. Usually, the oiling phase provides the protective surface finish of our elastic pins, but we can also offer different finishes such as: Geomet, mechanical and electrolytic galvanizing, phosphating process, etc. …

Technical table


The light series has thicknesses reduced by 50% compared to the heavy series. The reference standards are: ISO 13337, DIN 7346 and UNI 6874. They produced on demand only. Our product range starts from the nominal diameter 11.0 and reaches 50.0 diameter.  Also for light series plugs our technical department is at customer disposal to study special plugs with diameters up to and beyond 90.0 mm.

Technical table