The company

Company officially founded in September 1957, but actually born in 1948 as a craftwork firm. The initial development has been occurred within the digger market as supplier of sheared and bended products, largely disc springs. Over the years, the company has strengthened his role and has both expanded his area and extended his production, therefore today the company can offer to his customers a wide set of products and custom services.


The company bases its competitiveness on the excellent quality/price ratio of the products and the flexibility and on the adaptability to market needs which enables it to meet the most varied requirements in terms of elastic steel components, disc springs and, in general, metal small parts. Thanks to his broad rolling stock, Berce is able to perform the whole productive process of the finished goods ensuring the highest quality but lower processing times. A modern and complete laboratory can verify dimensions, load, roughness, hardness, metallographic structures. The company has a quality control system compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, certified by ICIM since 1997.

The company is divided into 3 main departments, they are autonomous and hence each one can serve customers separately.

Equipment and maintenance department
The function of this department is to design, build and keep efficient molds, equipment and machines of all departments. It has: CAD/CAM system, universal milling machine, parallel lathes, surface grinding, CNC wire EDM, CNC vertical machining center, CNC lathes, drills, disc springs, circular and tape saw e working desks

Metal small parts production department
In this department row materials are transformed into semi-finished or finished pieces using mechanical presses, multislide forming, wrapping machines for wires and tapes, loading robots, air and abrasive water jet cutting, shears, etc. …

Heat treatments, vibratory finishing and shot peening department
This department does heat treatments (temper, tempering, annealing non-ferrous materials, stabilization and dehydrogenation), vibratory finishing (debarring, polishing, degreasing, drying and polishing) and shot peening both on WIP coming from production and on third-parties products. Originally this department was part of production, but it has registered such an expansion that nowadays almost 70% of products are tolling agreements